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Bespoke Interiors

Bespoke interiors

Eco Design

There is more and more knowledge about how we can benefit the planet and ourselves by living in a sustainable home. With bespoke interiors, we are passionate about this ever-evolving area in interior design. We are able to provide advice on designing your home to reduce its carbon footprint and lower its energy needs. We are also experienced in using organic materials for decorating including paints/wallpapers and new ground-breaking eco wall coverings and sourcing sustainable and low – impact products.

With our homes being our sanctuary, there is more and more focus on design specifically relating to wellbeing. As well as being our retreat, homes should be a place for self-expression. If this is something that speaks to you, we will look carefully at ‘in tune’ lighting to lift mood and illuminate space, along with colour therapy when selecting wall finishes and fabrics. We consider all the senses when we approach a project in this way, creating a holistic and symbiotic dwelling to enrich your wellbeing long after the project is completed.



We can curate the most bespoke pieces to enrich your space. Either as a standalone service or as part of your complete bespoke interiors service, we can procure and install stand out pieces, furniture or art.

Do you have a space but don’t know how to fill it? A wall calling out for a piece of artwork? Do you want to make your home more bespoke or add a touch of local or global craftsmanship? Our procurement and installation services can do just that.

Home Organisation

A home needs to not only look beautiful but work practically. That’s where our organisation solution service comes in. With busy lives and busy homes often come busy rooms. We are here to efficiently and thoughtfully organise your space. This can be a top to bottom home organise or simply one room or space.

A well-organised home not only runs more smoothly, but enables homes to appear larger, lighter and to feel more spacious and harmonious. Having three children of my own, I am used to disguising the practicalities of everyday life with beautifully designed interiors giving both function and form. We can help you and your home function smoothly, best utilising the space to suit your individual needs. Bespoke interiors can create a home that is both perfectly organised and seriously stylish.