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Holiday Home Interior

Holiday Home Interior

A Dream Second Home

Many of my clients who purchase holiday homes are based a long way from Cornwall – my services allow them to create their dream second home/ investment home from the comfort of their own home!

A holiday home interior is important in that it has to be both stylish and durable, making the best use of space for maximum rentals and style that caters to all who visit! With over 20 years experience of designing holiday home interiors, we are happy to undertake complete holiday home design. As many of our clients will be based outside of the Southwest, we can handle all of the logistics of preparing your holiday home.

I have an excellent team of tradesmen and builders who I organise and liaise with from start to finish, to ensure not only a smooth process but also an economical one! Having designed a multitude of holiday homes I know all of the up to date fire requirements, the inventory of items required for rentals, the number of duplicate bedding, quality of bedding etc etc and can ensure the house is fully kitted out ready for you to walk into and make memories.

All Under Control

I can also arrange shipping for any of your personal items you want installed in your second home and can help you plan the best way to plan your holiday home if you plan to use it and rent it out – storage for your personal items etc. 

I can do all liaising with deliveries, wi-fi installation, garden maintenance and design so every element of your holiday home is not only beautifully designed but well planned and bought into completion by deadline. 

We also offer a property refresh service where we are happy to organise and undertake the ‘update’ of your holiday home in readiness for the new season. This may involve redecoration, updated furniture/soft-furnishings or a new style direction with a few key pieces.

So discover our vision for all your holiday home interior ideas.